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Letter to the editor
Letter writer fails accuracy test
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Forsyth County News
Our community is fortunate to have its local newsapaper dedicate a section for residents to share their opinion. In doing so we must depend on the writers to be truthful and forthright when writing these letters, as the newspaper has neither the responsibility nor the resources to investigate the writer’s claim.

So when a writer submits blatantly false information one would hope equal consideration would be in order. Such is the case with letters from Chris Goldston. Twice in 60 days he has used the newspaper to write false statements about elected officials. In his June 13th letter he writes he has reviewed a lease document, then states the lease amount at a fraction of what is accurate.

In his most recent letter he states that pornographic and racial e-mails were “generated” by the former county planning director. Again, false and no doubt intended to inflame the issue. Chris goes on to write a certain commisioner “supported” a commission candidate, yet no record of financial contribution exists.

If anyone would know about financial support it would be Chris Goldston, as he has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaign of Mike Dudgeon. As Mike moves on to represent us at the state level, it would speak volumes if he would distance himself from someone who writes false statements, such as Chris Goldston by returning the thousands of dollars he took from Chris.

Lastly, it would have been nice if Chris would have acknowledged in his letter that he helped Brant Meadows with his failed campaign for commissioner.

Ron Sewell