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Letter to the editor
EMTs, hospital care excellent
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Forsyth County News
On Aug. 4, 2010 I had to call 911 for my wife, and the EMTs were at my house within 20 minutes to administer to her and transport her to Northside Hospital Forsyth. At the hospital emergency room they also were extremely efficient and quick to attend to her by conducting all of the necessary tests and subsequently having her admitted to the hospital. During her four-day stay in the hospital she received constant care from Dr. Nick Taher and the entire nursing staff plus the radiology team that performed a necessary surgical procedure for her.

Everyone that we were in contact with from the 911 operator, the EMTs and the entire staff at Northside Hospital-Forsyth treated her as if she was the only patient they had.

Every person that I would thank for their help would tell me, “It’s our job sir and we’re happy to do it.” I’m thankful to say that my wife appears to be on the road to recovery now and I know it is due in a very large part to the care she received from all we came in contact with.

The citizens of Forsyth County are very fortunate to have such a fine group of dedicated medical personnel and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of them for the service and care that they gave us. May God bless you all.

Robert Allen