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Letter to the editor
No parking means just what it says
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Forsyth County News
Sometimes in morning I have to run to my local grocery store, and we all know they have the red zones in front of the stores that mean no parking.

And my question is: Are our educators unable to read or just lazy?

It never fails that when I go to the store early in morning during the school year, there is is at least one educator parked in this red zone. You may be asking. how does she know that this is an Erducator?  The educators proudly display their educator license plates.  

If you sit and watch long enough you can see them come out with their Starbucks coffee. This is not setting a good example for any child who can see this blatant disreguard to this “no parking” zone.

If you need a Starbucks to start your day, at least park in a regular parking space. Walk off those few extra calories and follow the rules. I know I do.

Peggi Williams