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Letter to the editor
Bicyclists receive preferential treatment
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Forsyth County News


After reading the article regarding respect between cyclists and motorists, I felt that many obvious points were missed altogether.

First of all, a bicycle is not a motorized vehicle and should not be bound by the same laws as a motorized vehicle. A bicycle, at best, falls into the area of a recreational vehicle and therefore not suited for use on public highways.

I have no problem with people exercising their right to pursue recreation and exercise provided that it is done in a safe and controlled manner. Things have changed over the years, but I was taught to ride my bicycle “facing traffic” and to stop at all intersections.

My momma would have taken my bicycle away for a month if she caught me riding like the cyclists of today ride.

Forsyth County just spent an untold amount of money for a recreation trail. There are signs prohibiting motorized vehicles from riding on the trail. If I move over for cyclists, why shouldn’t I be able to ride my motorcycle on it? Stupid question, you ask?
Well for the same reason bicycles shouldn’t be on the road. It just ain’t safe. Let’s use a little common sense here people.

Georgia does not have enough designated bicycle lanes along the roadways to make bicycling safe and it may be years to come before all the roads are upgraded to include them. In the meantime, cyclists need to understand what they are currently doing is not safe for them or the motorists on the road.

I am an avid motorcyclist and have on many occasions in the North Georgia mountains rounded a curve at the speed limit to suddenly come up behind a bicycle peddling up a mountain road at walking speed. This makes me unhappy and makes them unhappy when I have to swerve to miss them, especially if traffic is coming in the opposite direction and the pass is made at close quarters.

If the state of Georgia is going to shove it down our throats that bicycles should be treated equal to automobiles, don’t you think they should require them to purchase license plates, pay ad valorem tax on their high dollar titanium frame bicycles and provide proof of liability insurance? Oh yea, and let me ride on the nature trail.

Julie Buice