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Letter to the editor
Answers still needed on animal shelter
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Forsyth County News


I wish that the journalists would do a better job of communicating the entire story and that people that write letters to the editor would be a little more balanced.  Especially those letter writers that are asking the citizens to entrust them with a multi-million dollar facility and a near $1 million budget. I have grave concerns about that kind of behavior and feel they are probably not the right fit to partner with government.  Why the animal rights activists want to try to make me out to be an animal hater is beyond me — except it gives them a scapegoat and a platform from which to bang the drums.
And whether it matters to anyone or not, I happen to love animals and have several of my own (too many in fact), take care of many others and have been rescuing animals my entire life. Of course, that type of statement does not gain much attention and is not hot enough to sell so that is left out.

I am not against a new animal shelter. What I am against is someone that has not done their job who then tries to ram through a poorly thought out project just so they can be a political hero. These kind of actions are one of the major issues with government today, this is why government wastes so much money on poorly conceived ideas. When a special interest group yells loudly and a politician jumps for political benefit, not in a way that benefits the taxpayers, we have a serious problem.

I have said for over 18 months if a plan that outlines the goals and desired service level of the citizens is presented, with all the components put in place, I would be happy to move forward. The components are not “guesses” and “maybes” and do not include suggested transfers from an already depressed general fund. The responsible way is to outline the goals then request proposals for the construction and operations.  A revenue stream must be identified to meet those goals, or the goals reduced to meet the revenue. No matter the size of a county, or its wealth, when that balance is found then, and only then, should we commence with a facility and long-term commitment such as this.

Patrick Bell


District 4