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Letter to the editor
Boost economy with tax credits for jobs
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Forsyth County News


Our current economy is still struggling, and there has finally been an effort in Washington to pass some pro-growth legislation. Unfortunately unemployment insurance when extended indefinitely (as was done recently) can create a disincentive for individuals to accept jobs. 

My answer is to provide a tax credit for workers that start new jobs, even if they are not the ones they want to keep long-term. For example, if someone is receiving $300 in unemployment benefits and they receive a job paying $500 in gross wages they could receive a tax credit against their new wage for a six-month period. 

The tax credit should be substantial, because the goal is to get as many able-bodied people as possible working, and contributing to the economy.  The specifics of this new incentive can be debated, but as a taxpayer and small business owner, I think this plan would help to grow our still struggling economy. 

Eric Lurie