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Letter to the editor
Neighborhood loses an old friend
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Forsyth County News


Recently, age claimed an old neighborhood friend; a friend that was enjoyed by both children and adults, a friend named “Jack”. Jack was a 28-year-old donkey that roamed my pasture and enjoyed a neighborhood of friends that came by bringing treats.

Children and adults were often seen stopping by the fence to feed Jack or just visit with him. He greeted each one with his loud “hee-haw.” The morning Jack passed away, neighbors, some unknown, stopped by with tears and offered their sympathy. I will never ever forget these special individuals who grieved along with me.

The reason I write this letter is to let all know of a special neighborhood but also of another group of individuals that deserve a special thanks, the Forsyth County Animal Control Department. Forsyth County Animal Control were always available to provide their support and services when needed; especially during the saddest of times when directions were needed in laying Jack to rest,

I want to offer a special thanks to Lt. Dave Waters for his kind support, direction and understanding, His department deserves special recognition for all they do! Thank you all so very much and may God bless you all.

Jaunita D. Brown