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Letter to the editor
Who are real heroes in Wisconsin?
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Forsyth County News


Last week we read in this letters column one version of who the heroes are in Wisconsin. As of midweek, we are still watching the dust and badger fur fly as the citizens of Wisconsin make their decision on who the heroes are. Maybe 10 years from now we can look back and say:  In 2011, Wisconsin was Ground Zero for critical issues in our country.

Does the Davis-Bacon Act have anything to do with the topic of operating funding for local school systems, freezing tax rates for counties and cities, anything to do with police pensions and pensions for firemen?

Have elected officials in Wisconsin prostituted themselves because they are supported by Organized Unions as proclaimed last week? Have elected officials in Wisconsin prostituted themselves because they are supported by big corporations and billionaires like the Koch Brothers? It appears both sides receive outside support.

A governor who will not converse with the mayor of the capitol city of Madison may not qualify for hero status when the history books are written. A governor who revealed in a phone call that he had given consideration to planting troublemakers among the protestors may not qualify for hero status. (When unions are accused of bringing in troublemakers they are called “goons.” What would they be called if they were hired by conservatives?) 

A state senator who goes on national TV night after night, referring to all protestors, including firemen, policemen and teachers, as stinking dirty slobs may not qualify for hero status.

The “money structure” that  brought this same fight this year to New Jersey,Ohio and Indiana chose to make Wisconsin the place for  the first domino to fall.  The domino is not falling easily or gracefully.When we look back and write the history, will we say, “Thank you for the wisdom of the people of Wisconsin,” or will we say, “Thanks a lot for dropping the ball and letting it roll across state after state.”

I’m not sure what the history books will say 10 years from now about this unrest in Wisconsin, but I am guessing there will be pages that are not kind to Gov.Walker. If he succeeds in killing the unions and at the same time enacts a budget that kills cities, kills counties, kills schools, will he be called a hero?  If he compromises and makes a deal with the Democratic senators, will he be called a hero?

Vernon Kuehn