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Letter to the editor
Outside 'interloper' shouldn't be heard
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Forsyth County News


Concerning the article in Thursday’s Forsyth County News about the planning board meeting that was canceled. How is it that a political activist (read interloper) from Roswell should be allowed to impact the affairs of our county? If Nydia Tisdale is not a resident of Forsyth County, then how can we allow her opinions to sway the actions of our planning board?

This matter relative to the future of our local golf course has been handled like a political “ping pong ball” for over four years. A seemingly never-ending series of judges have been involved. Several apparent “decisions” have been rendered, but with no permanent impact on the outcome.

The desires of the citizens most personally involved and those of the county’s general population have been basically ignored in the process. It has always been a matter of pitting the opinions/wants of our citizenry against the desires of several individuals who wish to obtain maximum financial gain.

My wife and I were members of the Lanier Club for many years. We can no longer play golf but we are well aware of the pleasure the course provides for many folks here in the county. We would like to see an end to all the political games and have our leaders (both governmental and judicial) do what is best for the majority and not bend under the pressure. And most certainly I don’t think we should allow an ‘outsider’ to impact the activities of our planning board.

Bob Grayson