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Letter to the editor
Media to blame for GOP problems
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Forsyth County News


The results of a virtual tie between three candidates in Iowa revealed the thinking of most conservatives. We want the best person to beat Obama, yet we really don’t see one that tops the others. We are all confused!

Most of this campaign has been engaged with trashing each other, promoted by the media that delights in adversity. For instance, the first debate rules were crashed when the monitor promoted challenging words from Mitt Romney to Rick Perry, then continually allowed them the time to throw insults (and possible lies) to each other. This was a disgusting display to hear grown men acting like children on a playground, resulting in absorbing time from the remaining candidates.

I believe it set a precedent of mistrust among America’s voters that continues now. The media constantly drags up any “paid for” background lies about candidates to satisfy their day-long talk shows. It appears media is assisting in the confusion of American voters with their constant opinion chatter or, they prefer Obama to win re-election and that is exactly what will happen if Americans stay confused and split their votes.

Candidates must transfer their attention to Obama’s destruction of America instead of beating-up each other. There is plenty of evidence to attack Obama, beginning with his 20-year devotion to a church whose preacher yelled hate words about Americans. His determination to destroy America and our constitution give plenty of reasons for his impeachment, including his appointees.

If the media would direct their attention to all the misdeeds in the White House, they could develop truth in politics for the American public. Based on political coverage by the media, candidates and Congress, all three are afraid. He is an evil president with nothing done in his term to dispute that fact. Why are they reluctant to expose him? Neal Cavuto did a wonderful job monitoring the voting in Iowa, especially the interviews with professional and intelligent guests. Two of the ones interviewed showed miraculous knowledge, poise and amazing love for their country that is rarely shown by candidates. Too bad the media had to trash Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, either one would have been the best choice, or better yet one as president the other vice president.

Jane McCarthy