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Letter to the editor
No Valentine's love for our lawmakers
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Forsyth County News


Well, here it is a new year and already the month of February and fast approaching Valentine’s Day. You had better get out and find a card, candy or both for your sweetheart. Love is such a simple thing, but so hard to do. We have to work at love full time. It is not a part-time love affair. It is like living a decent life, spreading God’s word, and worshipping our Lord every day, not just on Sunday morning.

I am so thankful that we live in America, but I am so frustrated about how our leaders lead our country. You take the presidential election coming soon; they don’t do anything in these debates but bash each other about their personal lives. People of this great country don’t want to hear that junk. They should be discussing how to get people back to work — Medicare, Medicaid, medicine, gas and the pricing of all of these to help the people that need help now, not years from now.

Most of our elected legislators do not have any integrity or ethics. This is why one member wrote a bill to limit gifts by lobbyists to $100 and he could not even get one member of his party to sign on. But a lady of the other party did, thank you. What a shame and disgrace. They want to continue the same old way collecting gifts, food, liquor, trips, tickets to events, and then have the gall to tell us this doesn’t influence their votes on a particular bill that the lobbyist wants passed to help those who they are representing.


Remember God loves you and so do I.

Happy Valentine’s, sweethearts.

Sid Barfield