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Letter to the editor
Airline rules all about safety
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Forsyth County News


I just finished reading the column by Mike Tasos titled “Frequent Flier Fumes over Book Snafu.” As a proud and dedicated 22-year flight attendant of the company he writes about, I’d like to respond to his request that someone from the airline “offer a sensible explanation” as to why he had to stow his book before takeoff.

Everything we do is for safety. Objects in your seatback pocket get in the way of you taking a brace position as well as having a clear evacuation path in the event of an emergency … therefore, no objects may be stowed there. Passengers sitting in bulkhead seats must stow all items for takeoff and landing as there is no way to secure them under a seat or in a seat pocket. I can assure you, the flight attendant was making every effort to follow FAA mandated regulations.

Mr. Tasos, it would be my pleasure to have you on one of my many flights. We take our jobs seriously but have fun in the process. I hope you’ll continue to give us a chance to offer you a safe and fun flying experience. Just look for me … I’ll be the one asking passengers to take their seats for pushback so the captain can see to back up the plane.

Amber Jensen