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Letter to the editor
County needs real leadership in water contract
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Forsyth County News


The March 11 issue of FCN includes a letter to the editor titled “County needs water permit.” This letter stated that the county’s cost, using the new $20M plant starting up in July, will be about $0.52/1,000 gallon.

This letter goes on to state “Rumor has it that the EPD will not approve the new permit because the current board of commissions and state legislators are not pressuring them to do so. Without this permit, the county will be a slave to the city, and the mayor will get continuation of the current contract with virtually the same terms, costing the county almost $4M annually. Rumor has it, the mayor wants a 25-50 year contract.”

$4M annually is a huge potential savings. All of the county employees that were victims of recent necessary budget cuts could be put back to work and again receive a regular paycheck. Also, a couple projects, on the last to be cut list, could be re-evaluated and possibly implemented.

$4M every year of the contract will facilitate many significant improvements. I have heard the $2.54/1,000 gallon current rate is close to water finishing services rates elsewhere; however, such evaluation is irrelevant when compared with Forsyth County’s “in-house” costs.

Why aren’t our five Forsyth County commissioners vigorously pushing approval of this necessary EPD (Environmental Protection Division) permit and a new contract with the city of Cumming? They ran for public office, and were elected to serve as our Forsyth County commissioners. I am not sure what their oath states, but would expect it to include guiding and protecting the financial well-being of our Forsyth County.

The mayor, a proven leader, enjoys a good reputation for guiding and protecting the well-being of the city of Cumming.
Forsyth County taxpayers need and deserve similar leadership from all five Forsyth County Commissioner.

Herbert Metz