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Letter to the editor
When it comes to jobs, government is the problem
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Forsyth County News

Jobs and the recession. It is easy to blame this recession on the Wall Street Banks because of the handling of mortgages. While they had a hand in it, decline in our earning and spending power started decades ago and it all came together a few years ago. Government contributed by it’s never taking the foreign commerce clause seriously and recklessly allowing unfair foreign competition to take over entire industries.

The Labor Department was like a spectator at a ball game. Cheering first one side then the other in labor problems. We like to refer to Obama regulations, Bush regulations, and so on. Actually, Congress took their toxic regulations out of the president’s hands when the most significant agencies were established 40 years ago. Namely the EPA, CPSC, OSHA, FDA and the Education Department, all of which does a little bit of good here and there but can absolutely wipe out any wealth producing enterprise.

It is our birthright to provide food, shelter and clothing for ourselves and our families. Our efforts to re-establish private sector jobs are feeble at best. Georgia could use a thousand new factories but we do not have expertise to set up and run them and even if someone was bold enough to create a new product, at least one of the federal agencies stands ready to shut you down. What chance do Obama and Romney have? Little to none. Even Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down” economics was a total bust.

It is graduation season in our high schools. Consider if you will what the graduating students are equipped to do. Going to a college which is probably 40 years behind the times, just makes it worse.

What to do? We must get tough with our government. Building bigger ports to handle more imported consumer goods is a very poor answer. A very few people getting richer and millions getting poorer is not encouraging. I suspect that everyone has a good idea. If we keep good ideas to ourselves, they do little good.

Mitchell L. Easter