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Letter to the editor
Tired of conservative slant on opinion page
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Forsyth County News

After two and a half years of reading the Forsyth News I have grown so weary of the conservative slant of the content on your Opinion page that I felt the need to comment myself.

One need to look no further than Friday the 21st Forsyth Opinion page chock full of 1) cartoon slam on Time magazine pick of President Obama as their man of the year; 2) Columnist Malkin’s pro-gun piece; or 3) Columnist Garvin’s anti-union piece to see an all too common example of your newspaper’s apparent avoidance to provide any balance when it comes to its choices to fill the Opinion page.

But, hey, I do get it — I’ve chosen to live in a conservative Republican county within a conservative Republican state and I recognize that progressive liberal opinions might be scarce. Still, there are many, many cartoonists and columnists for you to choose from in the national arena.

Please consider presenting at least one minority opinion piece in every Opinion page and not just the token one every so often. It elevates the collective community conversation when thoughtful intelligent readers have multiple views to consider.  

Marybeth Magallanes