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Letter to the editor
Abortion perspective is truly saddening
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Forsyth County News

It saddens me to read the Feb. 3 opinion that abortion is not murder. But then, that opinion is just another example of the deterioration of morals in God-blessed America. This article states that abortion is the “removal of cells.”

How insensitive can one be? At three weeks after conception, the unborn baby has a liver, kidney and intestines; at four weeks the heart begins to beat; at five weeks the baby has eyes, hands and legs; at six weeks the baby has brain waves; at seven weeks the baby is kicking; at nine weeks the baby has teeth, turns its head and can have the hiccups; at 10 weeks the baby is breathing and can urinate.

Abortion is not the “removal of cells” but is taking the life of an innocent kicking, breathing human being.

The statement that abortion “often” is the result of rape is incorrect. Only 1 percent of abortions are rape-related.

Then there is the often-heard implication that Christians should “keep your foolish statements and beliefs out of the newspaper.”

Ma’am, the Bill of Rights was written for both the Christian and the non-Christian. We Christians have as much right to express our opinion as you do. You do not have to agree with our opinion, but as an American, you should respect our right to express our opinion. As foolish as your opinion is, I respect your right to express it.

Ron Young