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Letter to the editor
City's support for soldier appreciated
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Forsyth County News

My name is Maj. Gen. Jimmie Jaye Wells, and I am the Commanding General of the 75th Training Command, an Army Reserve unit. My headquarters is based in Houston but our soldiers reside in your town as well. I write to you today to offer a message of thanks.

As you may know, Army Reserve soldiers are assigned to training facilities, where they report each month for their training. While many troops live and work in the same city where they train, many don’t. Some drive across state to state to do their duty. Our records indicate that one or more of our soldiers reside in your city, and I want to express my profound appreciation for fostering a supportive climate for those troops and their families.

So I write to you with an aim of saying thank you for what you do for our troops, but also in hopes of helping to build a relationship with our home communities.

So just in case my soldiers don’t have the opportunity to say it to you, please accept my gratitude not only on behalf of the 75th Training Command, but also on behalf of all the current, past and future service members who benefit from the supportive environment that your municipality provides.

If there is ever anything that our unit is able to do to provide support in return, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 75th Training Command, 10949 Aerospace Ave., Houston, Texas 77034.

Jimmie Jaye Wells

Major General, U.S. Army


Editor’s note: The above letter originally was written to Cumming Mayor H. Ford Gravitt. It is published here at his request.