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Letter to the editor
911 responders are appreciated
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Forsyth County News

I am writing to personally thank our local community 911 service.

On Feb. 22, my mother, Judy Martin, made the most important phone call she’s ever made to 911.

She and my father, Richard Martin, were sitting at their kitchen table when Daddy began having difficulty breathing. They discussed and debated on whether or not to call 911.

In the past, Daddy had always refused to call them. This time was different. He told Mama to go ahead and call, so she did.

As they waited, they exchanged I love you’s along with a hug. The 911 operator kept her on the phone as she waited for them to arrive.  

It seemed like forever for her, although it was not long until they came to her rescue. The firemen and EMT’s were wonderful. They immediately took action into their own hands. This enabled Mama to have time to call us, their children.  

They were both professional and compassionate. We want to personally thank each member of Station 12, B-shift along with Mike Philimon and the other men and women on this team, as well as, the EMTs.

At no fault of theirs, Daddy went home to live with the Lord that morning and we want to express our gratitude along with our thankfulness for our local firemen and women, as well as the EMT men and women.  

Never hesitate to call 911 in an emergency.  They are awesome at what they do.

The family of Richard Martin (Wife Judy Martin; son Neil Martin; daughters Sandy Moore,  Cindy Shadburn and Jessie Gravitt)