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Letter to the editor
DOT public meetings are a waste of time
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Forsyth County News

I’m sorry, I am not at all understanding your Sunday, May 19 front page article describing how the state DOT has formulated a series of public meetings.

These meetings, you reported, are designed to receive public input as to how to improve traffic flow to Canton Road between I-575 and Cumming.

The State DOT, however, is in place to study, plan, engineer, and recommend to the public how such flow can be improved; not the other way around. A simple answer from me (again a non-transportation person) to their query: “install a minimum of two lanes in each direction—and, let’s get going!”

The holding of public meetings in a tabula rasa manner on this topic, is theatre; it must be serving political needs. A total of 150 people showed Thursday, May 16, for the reported first meeting.

What was gleaned? Additionally, they report that no work (construction) will begin for at least seven years! Aren’t both the reasoning for this type of meeting by the DOT, and the years of waiting for results, truly the stories herein, not the bare fact that a meeting was held on May 16  at Otwell Middle School.  


Joe Springer