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Letter to the editor
Its past time to get Sanders Road fixed
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Forsyth County News

Recently the county commissioners voted to split the cost of repairs for Sanders Road.  As a resident that actually lives near and uses Sanders it is a huge inconvenience to detour through Market Place. Fix the problem! Detouring around this mess adds time to my commute as well as putting extra miles on my vehicles increasing maintenance costs, wear on tires, higher fuel consumption, and yes it even raises our carbon footprint (making this a global issue).

Let’s be perfectly honest, the city doesn’t care if that road is open or not. City residents don’t live on Sanders, nor do they live along any of the streets that feed Sanders. I will propose that if they renamed the street to “H. Ford Gravitt Road” it might stand a chance to be repaired by the city. (Although I prefer the name “Ford’s Folly Road.”)

Heck using that logic I am all in favor of renaming the cove from “Little Ridge Creek Cove” to “H. Ford Gravitt Cove,” and while we’re at it why not rename Lake Alice to “Lake H. Ford Gravitt.” Then perhaps we might see some action taken to repair the damage caused by two parties who own the responsibility according to the Georgia EPD. 

 I’m a realist; I know this will be tied up in the courts for a very long time. I’m also a mature adult whose parents taught me right from wrong, and they instilled into me a sense of propriety along with the ethos to remediate my transgressions. Fix the problem your lake caused, if you want to sue someone else and recoup the cost, then by all means do that after the fact!

 Let me reiterate my point one last time. Fix the problem. A problem created by years of: questionable engineering, imperceptible storm water or environmental management, and poor planning!  Now political and legal issues are dragging this out continuing to ruin homeowner’s lives on a daily basis. This may just be a game to you, but its impacting people’s lives. 


Mike Leahy