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Letter to the editor
Recreation fees are not acceptable
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Forsyth County News

I have just reviewed the e-mail that has been put out on a public hearing to consider imposition of recreation center membership fees. This has upset me, and not about the fee amount. It is about a fee, period, for membership.

Here is a fact: all residents of Forsyth County have paid their share of property taxes and sales taxes. We, the citizens, don’t need to have a membership into a facility that we, the citizens, have paid for with our taxes.

So in my case you would like for me to pony up another $50 the first year and $25 the returning year, since I have a family of five. More taxes on the lower and middle classes since the upper class usually has a membership to a private club. Let’s get something straight, stop heaping additional taxes onto working families. This membership is just another tax in order to use a facility that has been paid for by our taxes.

Continue down this road and I think Forsyth County commissioners should start over with some new faces.


Kevin McCliment