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Letter to the editor
No excuse for road projects not being done
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Forsyth County News

Too bad I missed this opportunity to view and call-out yet another “Dog ‘n Pony Show” crafted by the “powers-that-be” to keep us “mushrooms” —being fed-[manure] and kept-in-the-dark — rather  than actually provide answers to why these same regionally specific “Roadway and Infrastructure Projects” remain perpetually undone today!

We’re now approaching two decades after their “priority” was identified “badly needed” — at least as sold to voters within the various SPLOSTS, etc., over the last 10 years — and just what has actually come around of that “priority” is little more than nothing.

The “arterial collectors” of Brookwood Road, Old Alpharetta, Bethelview, Castleberry, Old Atlanta and elsewhere ad nauseum only remain “coagulated” today, yet they’ll tell us one more time how and why [it’s going to be better.]

There is no excuse furthermore for the delay of improving those roads and state Hwy. 20, yet now we’re told some improvements won’t be started until 2022?

There is no excuse locally for what traffic congestion our communities  continue suffering for those hundreds of millions of dollars being rather “prioritized” to the likes of Freedom Parkway, Ronald Reagan Parkway, etc., ad nauseum. This rather to aid “growth and development” there.

There is no excuse for state Hwy. 20 to remain the two-lane coagulated deathtrap it’s been for too long now, whereas how many billions went to improve state highways elsewhere of North Metro Atlanta over the last decade?

North Metro Atlanta may be demographically “educated,”  “active”  and “wealthy,” but it’s being groomed like veal to serve the needs of certain “Movers ‘n Shakers ‘n Policy Makers,” thus indeed some change is due.


Jack Gleason