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Letter to the editor
The Phil Robertson debate, yay or nay?
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Forsyth County News

As an individual, I can support Mr. Robertson’s “right” to express both his faith and beliefs openly and freely, without ridicule or threats. Yet I don’t have to agree with everything he has expressed, in the manner and context in which he expressed it. That’s also my “right” and the “right” of every free American citizen to choose for themselves.

Now if anyone likes the show he’s on, by all means keep watching it, if you don’t like it, well that’s OK too.

The point to all of this is, if “you” listen to what “your” heart tells you, and not what either side of this debate simply says “is” or “isn’t” “politically correct,” then you will have not only exercised your “rights” as an individual, you will have also exercised your brain.


Lance F. Lenahan