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Letter to the editor
There is no excuse for our trashy ways
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Forsyth County News

It amazes me that people in our county, and people traveling through our county, would throw their coffee cups, drink bottles, beer bottles, fast food wrappers, sacks and all their other trash on the roadside and in people’s yards. They destroy the beauty in our county. We have one of the most beautiful counties and we destroy it with trash. People just do not take any responsibility for their actions and it shows in their lack of caring for others as well as themselves.

People need to carry trash bags in their vehicles to dispose of trash. That is not asking too much for people to do, to keep our county trash free. If you want to see trash, just go on any road in the county and look what a mess they are in. Also, look what a mess is being made on Ga. 400. It looks like a trash dump, but it is called “Hospitality Highway.”

I know some people might not care about this problem, but you need to think about what you are doing. If I were a city police or county police or sheriff’s officer, I would arrest anyone I saw throwing their trash on the roadside or in someone’s yard. I also would hope that the judge would give them 30 days of picking up trash on the roadways and a $300 fine for a first offense. The second offense would be $500 with 60 days of picking up trash on the roads.

Our current laws are not enough for this problem we have. People should be proud enough in the county to turn in anyone who is throwing trash on the roadways or yards. Report them to the police and give their tag number.

Have a nice day and let’s all work on getting this trash problem taken care of.


Sid Barfield