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Letter to the editor
DOTs plans for SR20 deserve more attention
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Forsyth County News

I am surprised at the lack of attention given one of the most anticipated life-changing developments for the east/west corridor through Cumming by GDOT — the proposed SR20 improvements.  We have not heard a peep from any of our governmental leadership on this matter; in particular giving us their “guidance” as to which route they might prefer and why. 

To say this is a state issue is avoiding the issue all together. The final decision pertains to all of us since the amount of truck traffic into, around and through Cumming will increase so dramatically that it will make your head spin; not to mention it will get worse once SR20 connects to both I-75 and I-85, allowing even more increased semi-truck traffic through our lovely quiet county environment. Get ready!

GDOT has said it will analyze the public’s input before deciding on a final route and “look” for the re-routing and improvements to SR20. But isn’t this what they are paid to do — to provide us their educated suggestions/options and the “why’s” first for us to consider from the professionals, then provide our input on which informed selection. 

It just appears, in my opinion, this has become such a debacle and mismanaged project so that GDOT can quietly go about the business of an east/west connector for heavy truck traffic between I-75 and I-85.

It will be very interesting as to which residential developments and schools will be adversely affected by the endeavor at this time rather than financing a permanent and correct east/west connector north of us.

Again, get ready for possible GDOT to massage the public’s input to its own ends.

This is all just my opinion but get ready!


Ken Drury