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Regarding office space for sheriffs department
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Forsyth County News

It has come to my attention that the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department is currently without permanent office space. It is also my understanding that there is office space that will be available in the new Forsyth County Courthouse, as well as in the old Courthouse, when the current tenants move to their new locations in the former.

I find it astonishing that, barely two months after the Forsyth County Sheriffs deputies defended the lives of countless people at the old Forsyth County Courthouse, they should be without an office. It seems an odd way to convey the thanks of a grateful county.

Not only should we make sure that the hard-working and dedicated members of our sheriff’s department have the facilities they need just to do their job, but it would seem essential, given recent events, to have their presence in the center of Cumming; at either the old, or new Forsyth County Courthouses. It would be a fitting recognition of, not only what they could do to protect our citizens, but what they have done.

Hopefully, after some sober consideration and introspection, the proper authorities will remedy this situation for the benefit of the citizens of our county.


Margaret Gasper