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Speaker David Ralston serves the state well
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Forsyth County News

The great thing about our country is that the First Amendment entitles all of us the right to offer up our thoughts and opinions, true or false. Bill Evelyn, a resident of Forsyth County, recently wrote a letter to the editor exercising this right which leveled accusations against House Speaker David Ralston that fall into the false category. His comments were not only intellectually dishonest, but he attempted to represent in his letter to the editor how members of the House felt about Speaker Ralston.

As elected members of the Georgia House of Representatives from the Forsyth County Delegation, we can tell you that Mr. Evelyn is just wrong. We proudly serve alongside our speaker. We appreciate his strong leadership as we confront the difficult decisions our constituents send us to face in Atlanta. While we sometimes have differing opinions than the speaker, he is always willing to sit down, hear our perspective and take our input. In short, he is a leader who listens. 

The last few years have been particularly challenging as the global recession forced hard decisions on everyone, including state government. We made those tough choices, cut spending by nearly 20 percent and balanced our budget without raising taxes on hard working Georgians under Speaker Ralston’s leadership. To demonstrate the kind of effective leader that he is, we point out that the Georgia House has now elected him three separate times to this job, which is arguably the second most powerful position in state leadership.

We have worked hard to push for a conservative, fiscally responsible record and we have achieved that under House Speaker David Ralston’s leadership.  If the citizens of Forsyth County send us back to Atlanta, we look forward to continue serving with him.



Rep. Mark Hamilton

Rep. Mike Dudgeon

Rep. Kevin Tanner

Rep. Geoff Duncan