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We should elect those who are fair to all
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Forsyth County News

It’s important that we elect people to our commission who are fair and balanced. Not people who think they know everything, and should make all decisions, usually with a big mouth, and no consideration for how the people feel.

I went to one of the commissioners’ debates and was appalled by District 4, and also by the format. If there can be no impact or questions from the audience, then why are we there? If this is a Democratic society, do we not count? Or are our opinions unimportant?

One of the participants has stated to me he believes in punishing the city, which though may not be perfect, it seems to me its council works well together. Not the petty bickering you see with the county, nor the lawsuits, the county incurs.

Your paper should research and publish each lawsuit, from each department, the reasons, and who’s the public official which caused this.

In the 2004 election cycle, our city opened its doors to the county, at city hall for candidate debates. Our county commission [room] was closed. Just one example of how our city works. The county seat works for our whole county.
Divided we fall, united we stand.

As for [Commissioner David] Richard’s comment on district commissioners being elected from their own districts, that would be Balkanization of our own county. Then what about our House of Representatives? Both state and national. Believe me, I’ve been all over the Balkans for 30 years. I could explain in detail the difference.

One other thing in closing. I qualified to run, then when polls were closed, was told after being certified by board of elections that I couldn’t run because I qualified for the wrong district.

Then I said OK, I’ll run in my district. No, the qualification is closed. If we represent countywide, then what would be the problem?

Cleve Chadwick