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Ashway's annual ode to college football
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Forsyth County News
Soon gone, our summer’s discontent.
No longer avid rooting pent.
Let forth a roar, a mighty yell.
Oh, college football, fare thee well!

Mark Richt’s Bulldogs now having fun.
The pollsters think they’re Number One!
Before a title can be won
A rugged schedule must be run.

Matt and Knowshon make these Dogs go;
They’re Heisman candidates, you know.
They have a fine supporting cast;
Richt built this Bulldog team to last.

“Warning: Defense!” Dog foes should heed.
Everywhere you look: speed, speed, speed.
As these Dogs seek football heaven
They’ll be cheered by UGA VII.

Chan Gailey’s gone, but look around
Tech’s season ticket sales are down.
The person that we have to rib?
Whoever scheduled Gardner Webb.

Says Paul Johnson, Tech’s new king bee:
“My ‘o’ will show the ACC.
At every stop it’s brought me fame;
At Navy, we whipped Notre Dame!”

For Tech, it’s a new lease on life.
Gone is all that internal strife.
Johnson will lift Tech from its fog
And one day even tame a Dog.

Clemson fans with their faces drawn
Fear collapse at November’s dawn.
Early wins?  They don’t mean a thing.
Now Tiger fans demand a ring.

Poor Dukies, they’re so God-forsaken
Judicial notice has been taken!
Winning at Duke is one tough nut.
Miracles wrought by new coach Cut?

Now the Gators seek their revenge;
Bulldog hijinks they must avenge.
Their offense runs on high octane
But defense is the Gator’s bane.

Coach Phil keeps bringing his Vols back;
Some still insist that he’s a hack.
If the new offense foes can’t stop
We’ll hear a lot of “Rocky Top.”

Hey, Evil Genius, what’s the scoop
Over there in the chicken coop?
They thought you’d rule the roost by now.
Winning titles: remember how?

Defending champs are LSU;
Les is more down on the bayou.
Another crown we doubt we’ll see:
No repeats in the SEC.

Here’s the news from Auburn’s coach T:
A brand-new offense.  Praises be!
No title? No prob, on the Plain
Just whip Alabama again!

Bama feels it’s almost time
When Saban rings their title chime.
The faithful he can pacify
If Auburn he can just get by.

Arkansas sought greater laurels
And hired a coach with no morals.
Petrino’s their man, come what may.
We wonder just how long he’ll stay.

It’s West Virginia in the East.
Rich Rod’s gone, but they’re still the beast.
Pat White’s back to run the attack
With Noel Devine the featured back.

Buckeye fans remain sad and blue
Even though that’s Michigan’s hue.
But here’s the thought that really chills:
Are the Bucks the Buffalo Bills?

Michigan now with new coach Rich
Bridesmaid title they hope to ditch.
New offense needs a learning curve
Until it starts to play with verve.

Why cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame?
They no longer can play the game.
How long until an alumni vise
Surrounds the girth of Charlie Weis?

The Big Twelve’s really hard to read.
It’s Nostradamus’ help we need.
Now Oklahoma has top rank
Coming off its Fiesta tank.

Is this the year that Ol’ Mizzou
Finally has that big breakthrough?
And never count the Longhorns out;
Their quarterback is one to tout.

Back on the mainland, here’s June Jones
After the Dogs rattled his bones.
SMU has long been a mess;
Jones aerates the Pony Express.

Out west, the best is Southern Cal.
Coach Pete remains the pollsters pal.
But title hopes remain unmet.
They’re always in a huge upset.

Who then’s the best of all the rest?
Why, BYU might pass the test.
They’ve back-to-back eleven wins
And no one on their ballclub sins!

A deep breath now; kickoff draws nigh.
Fervor and expectations high.
Across the land, enjoy the fun!
May your team wind up Number One!