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2022 Football Previews: Horizon Christian planning to utilize speed
Horizon Christian football

Horizon Christian Academy plans on being the fastest offensive team in Forsyth County.

As far as offensive performance went, Horizon didn't disappoint in 2021. It is worth mentioning that the Warriors scored 40 points or more in all but two of their regular-season games.

However, a few things are going to be different for Horizon at the beginning of the season in hopes of having multiple Warriors reach the end zone with a new offensive coordinator.

“It won’t be a secret soon,” head coach Damon Taylor said. “We’re going to go fast this year. Have you seen how fast Tennessee goes? We’re going Tennessee fast. It’s pretty cool to watch. We have a lot going on offensively."

The players certainly seemed excited to test out the updated offensive identity.

“We’re going to have a new offense, but we have a lot of new players, which means they haven’t seen our old offense,” senior Jackson Harris said. “Our new offense is going to be really good. I believe that we have confidence in that. It’s looking great."

Taylor emphasized that his team will be young coming into this season

“We have a lot of young guys that are able to contribute quicker," he said. "Last year, we had one or two guys. This year we have so many guys that can step up to the table now."

Despite returning just three seniors from last season, the players believe they can all get on the same page in time to put together a successful campaign.

“Being disciplined and to push through the struggle because every year it’s like a new thing, basically a new team,” junior Carson Chapman said of what it means to be a Warrior. “We lost the older guys, but we have to adapt to that. Playing football as a Warrior, I said it last year and I’ll say it this year, ‘We have a lot ahead of us.’"

During the offseason, the Warriors team emphasized how team bonding is a key focus.

“We did a lot of stuff outside of football like hanging out, for the older guys at least,” Andrew Williamson said. "Now we’re bringing in these freshmen and everything to prepare them."

For Taylor and his coaching staff, they keep their goals for every new season straight forward.

“We just want to get better every day, simple as that," Taylor said. "We want to position ourselves to be successful in the playoffs, and our end goal is that we want to win a championship."

As the season approaches, running back will be the position with the most competition for the Warriors.

“We have a few of them this year, [Avery Blanton and Jackson Harris] play and they have a couple of guys behind them,” Taylor said. "The dynamic is going to be different. I don't think we've ever had that."

A player always hopes to enter a game with the expectation of playing well and winning. Against King's Way, Horizon didn’t take too kindly to how the game went. The Warriors have vowed to avenge that loss this time around.

“You can expect to see the group get better every game,” Taylor said. "These kids fight just as hard as the team last year, so I mean you can expect to see a team that’s going to go out there and fight every single game."