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2015-16 Forsyth County Wrestling Leaderboard

Local wrestlers take the first step toward reaching the GHSA Traditional State Tournament today as area traditional tournaments begin - Pinecrest Academy in the Area 4-A tournament at Commerce; Forsyth Central in the Area 7-AAAAA tournament at Creekview; and Lambert, North Forsyth, South Forsyth and West Forsyth in the Area 6-AAAAAAA tournament at North. 

Here’s a quick look at the top 10 leaders in the county in wins, winning percentage and pins. All stats provided by county coaches.

Forsyth County Wrestling Leaderboard

Wrestler School Wins

Matthew Sheetz Lambert 40

Connor Carroll North Forsyth 38

Paul Watkins North Forsyth 37

Cole Tenety North Forsyth 36

Payton Mitchell Lambert 35

Eric Diemert Lambert 33

Sebastian Legarra Forsyth Central 34

Denver Stonecheck West Forsyth 31

Nathan Grimes North Forsyth 30

Hunter Jolly West Forsyth 30

Brennan McCrum South Forsyth 29

Abraham Perez Forsyth Central 29

Sam Ranta South Forsyth 29

Ben Lemay South Forsyth 28

Hunter Loyd North Forsyth 28

Brantley Little North Forsyth 27

Charlie Ranta South Forsyth 27

Steven Messer Forsyth Central 26

Troy Crawford West Forsyth 24

Cedric Touchstone North Forsyth 24

Jackson Bardall North Forsyth 23

Connor Cross North Forsyth 23

Felipe Hayes South Forsyth 23

Keaton Platzke Forsyth Central 23

Jackson Baraff South Forsyth 22

Andy Leggett North Forsyth 22

Kaleb Sherman West Forsyth 22

Miles Bankston Forsyth Central 21

Spencer Dooley North Forsyth 21

Hunter Kurowski Forsyth Central 21

Connor Martin Forsyth Central 21

Walid Abdullahi North Forsyth 20

Parker Evans Forsyth Central 20

Jack Woodall West Forsyth 19

Sam Aldrich Forsyth Central 18

Chandler Caine Forsyth Central 17

Brad Clayton West Forsyth 17


Wrestling School Winning %

Matthew Sheetz Lambert .952

Paul Watkins North Forsyth .925

Payton Mitchell Lambert .921

Eric Diemert Lambert .892

Connor Carroll North Forsyth .884

Brennan McCrumm South Forsyth .879

Denver Stonecheck West Forsyth .861

Felipe Hayes South Forsyth .852

Jackson Baraff South Forsyth .846

Brantley Little North Forsyth .844

Cole Tenety North Forsyth .837

Sebastian Legarra Forsyth Central .829

Sam Ranta South Forsyth .829

Ben Lemay South Forsyth .824

Charlie Ranta South Forsyth .818

Hunter Jolly West Forsyth .811

Steven Messer Forsyth Central .788

Hunter Kurowski Forsyth Central .778

Abraham Perez Forsyth Central .725

Jackson Bardall North Forsyth .719

Nathan Grimes North Forsyth .714

Connor Cross North Forsyth .697

Troy Crawford West Forsyth .686

Miles Bankston Forsyth Central .677

Keaton Platzke Forsyth Central .676

Sam Aldrich Forsyth Central .667

Andy Leggett North Forsyth .667

Kaleb Sherman West Forsyth .667

Jack Woodall West Forsyth .665

Brad Clayton West Forsyth .654

Parker Evans Forsyth Central .625

Cedric Touchstone North Forsyth .585

Connor Martin Forsyth Central .583

Walid Abdullahi North Forsyth .526


Wrestler School Pins

Sebastian Legarra Forsyth Central 22

Hunter Jolly West Forsyth 21

Matthew Sheetz Lambert 21

Cole Tenety North Forsyth 21

Nathan Grimes North Forsyth 20

Payton Mitchell Lambert 20

Denver Stonecheck West Forsyth 19

Brantley Little North Forsyth 18

Paul Watkins North Forsyth 18

Walid Abdullahi North Forsyth 17

Connor Cross North Forsyth 17

Hunter Kurowski Forsyth Central 17

Jackson Bardall North Forsyth 16

Connor Carroll North Forsyth 16

Hunter Loyd North Forsyth 16

Connor Martin Forsyth Central 16

Andy Leggett North Forsyth 15

Kaleb Sherman West Forsyth 15

Troy Crawford West Forsyth 14

Keaton Platzke Forsyth Central 14

Brad Clayton West Forsyth 13

Abraham Perez Forsyth Central 13

Riley Wheeler North Forsyth 13

Jack Woodall West Forsyth 13

Miles Bankston Forsyth Central 12

Parker Evans Forsyth Central 11

Sam Aldrich Forsyth Central 7

Steven Messer Forsyth Central 6