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2016 Forsyth County News All-County Lacrosse Teams
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Forsyth County News

2015-16 Forsyth County News All-County Lacrosse Team


Player of the Year: Trey Arnold, Lambert, FOGO, Senior

Coach of the Year: Rich Wehman, Lambert

First Team

Name School Pos Yr

Reed Bagwell West Forsyth M Sr.

Jack Binkley Pinecrest Academy A Sr.

Chase Chapman North Forsyth A Jr.

Jonny DiVirgilio Lambert M Soph.

Jaryd Jean-Felix Lambert LSM Jr.

Justyn Jean-Felix Lambert D Sr.

Justin Kabo West Forsyth A Sr.

Matt O’Rourk Lambert M Sr.

Eric Overbay Lambert M Sr.

Chris Price Lambert D Sr.

Ben Stump Lambert GK Sr.

Alex Walker Lambert A Jr.

Second Team

Name School Pos Yr

Brady Berman Lambert D Sr.

Erik Hipe West Forsyth LSM Sr.

Carson Holler Pinecrest Academy A Jr.

Mason Jolley North Forsyth M Soph.

Max Kane South Forsyth M/FOGO Fr.

Andrew Lempner South Forsyth A Jr.

Jimmy Martelli West Forsyth A Jr.

Conrad McEvoy Lambert A Sr.

Colton Rudd North Forysth A Fr.

Drew Thomson South Forsyth M Sr.

Garrison Winter Pinecrest Academy GK Jr.

Will Wyckoff South Forsyth A Fr.


Player of the Year: Madison Mueller, West Forsyth, A, Sr.

Coach of the Year: Jillian DiFazio, Pinecrest Academy

First Team

Name School Pos Yr

Morgan Berman Lambert GK Jr.

Molly Dankowski Pinecrest Academy M Soph.

Maggie Dickman West Forsyth D Sr.

Sarah DiFazio Pinecrest Academy M/A Jr.

Allie Fagg West Forsyth D Sr.

Sarah Grady West Forsyth A Sr.

Kelly Guthrie West Forsyth A Jr.

Madie Pollack West Forsyth D Sr.

Jamie Porter South Forsyth A/M Sr.

Shelby Rumer Lambert A Soph.

Peyton Smith Lambert A/M Jr.

Alex Tilkin Pinecrest Academy M Soph.

Second Team

Name School Pos Yr

Katie Bruce West Forsyth D Sr.

Julianna Chesna North Forsyth M

Mackenzie Cole South Forsyth M/A Soph.

Jenna Humphries Lambert A/M Soph.

Haley Jones Pinecrest Academy GK Soph.

Camryn Klaus South Forsyth A/M Soph.

Cloe Latini Lambert M Jr.

Ella Madson West Forsyth M Fr.

Jordan O’Rourk Lambert D Jr.

Corrine Thompson North Forsyth M

Cora Wallace North Forsyth M/A

Hailey Yarbrough North Forsyth D