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Ashway: Ashway’s Annual Ode to College Football
Denton Ashway

Strike up the band and raise your hand
The fever spreads across the land!
College football is the reason.
Please! Let’s have a normal season!

In Athens, all the faithful chime:
At long last, this could be our time.
Coaching, talent: Dawgs have it all;
But will they have a perfect fall?

These days, to win, you’ve got to score.
And Georgia’s got weapons galore.
A top QB to spread it ‘round.
My, how the options do abound.

The D-backs failed Dogs twice last year,
But this new crew will show no fear.
See, they’ve got a gift from heaven
There behind the Dawgs’ front seven.

Down on The Flats, what is your take?
How big a jump might Jackets make?
Coach Collins’ third year proves a breeze
Once he gets past three victories.

PRs improved, now that’s for sure
And better recruits Tech does lure.
For Collins to extend his tour
More winning proves the only cure.

Now, Georgia State has a fine crew.
The schedule makes the Panthers blue.
Poor Georgia Southern best be great;
Just check out their November slate.

What’s left to say about the Tide?
Ho hum, another title ride.
Coach Nick just inked a new contract
No changes soon, and that’s a fact.

For loud Dan Mullen,
quite the feast Crowing as winner of the East.
Not looking good for a repeat;
Check out the teams UF must beat.

Gig ‘em, Aggies! Is this the year?
Coach Fisher’s built a team to fear.
A game for the entire nation:
Bama visits College Station.

The dark horse here might be Mizzou
Under Coach Drinkwitz in year two.
The offense sure to find its groove.
But O! That defense must improve!

At Arkansas, they love Coach Sam;
“Thank you, pass the biscuits, ma’am!”
He’s got a lot of seniors back
The schedule, though, they just can’t hack.

The ninth year now for coach Mark Stoops
And at a school that’s known for hoops!
His teams will seldom make a wave
Coach Cal remains the Big Blue fav.

The Bayou Bengals had it rough;
Five and five ain’t Natty stuff.
Much talent’s back, so we surmise
Coach O’s Tigers just might surprise.

Tradition counts for something, but
The Vols are sure stuck in a rut.
Tennessee fans squint through the haze;
A new regime seeks glory days.

That Ole Miss offense? Really great.
Defenders? They can’t get a date.
Big deal, scoring 40 a game
If the defense allows the same.

Vanderbilt’s new head Commodore
Hopes to vacate the Eastern floor.
The Gamecocks have a new coach, too;
November finds him feeling blue.

One more new coach, at Jordan-Hare
And Bryan Harsin best beware.
If he can’t maintain boosters’ smiles
War Eagles might just hire Art Briles.

At Clemson, hear the Tigers roar.
They’re always knocking on the door.
This year they face an early test
But surely, they’ll win all the rest.

Mack Brown has led the Tar Heels back
And Sam Howell leads the air attack.
Carolina’s Achilles heel:
Defensive backs must learn to deal.

Of Hurricanes, they always say,
“We’re only one more year away!”
What will it take to grab a ring?
Start with a healthy D’Eriq King.

The Buckeyes move to greener Fields
And yet, their offense seldom yields.
The cupboard’s full, so once again
OSU romps in the Big Ten.

The Irish sporting a new look
Replacing QB Ian Book.
Kelly’s heroes keep it goin’
Now Jack Coan does the throwin’.

Boomer Sooner! Ready to flee
To the fertile SEC.
Coach Riley’s offense? Really hot!
The defense has improved a lot.

Matt Campbell’s Cyclones on a roll;
He’s pulled them from a huge hole.
A new contract; in Ames he’ll stay
With hopes a title comes his way.

At Texas, wonder what’s in store?
For coaches, a revolving door.
Now Sark negotiates the maze
With hopes his offense will amaze.

Half a season, pandemic wrought
Made the Pac-12 an afterthought.
A bounce-back chance is on the slate:
Oregon meets Ohio State.

SC and Stanford try to tame
A worthy foe in Notre Dame.
Beyond that, Pac-12 games are lame.
For late night fans, a wicked shame.

Now that is all we’ve got to say;
At long last there are games to play!
And when the season’s finally done
May your team wind up Number One!