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Football: The best quotes from the 2017 Forsyth County Media Day
Forsyth Central second-year head coach Frank Hepler answers a question from the media at the 2017 Forsyth County Media Day Wednesday, July 26. - photo by Micah Green

Studio Forsyth: 2017 Media Day Highlights

By: Paul Dybas

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We heard from seven head coaches and 15 players at the 2017 Forsyth County Media Day. They talked about position battles, X's and O's and other granular aspects of football, but also issues like their school's place in the county and state and the challenge of meeting and raising expectations. Here are some of the best quotes we heard on Wednesday.


"I remember back in 2009, 2010, my wife had to talk me off the ledge a few times, because I called plays back then. Some of the news reporters from this county would call the offense anemic, paltry, struggling. I remember those days, but it was okay, because as an offensive coach, I thought about one thing: we're going to win the football game, we're going to play defense. That was our priority going into every game." – Head coach Louis Daniel.

"I just love catching balls, scoring touchdowns." – Senior tight end Alex Snyder.

"We won't tell the defensive staff. I don't know if those guys have computers." – Daniel, in response.

Forsyth Central

"I'm not as dumb as I act sometimes. I do understand some of that stuff." – Head coach Frank Hepler on social media and technology.

"The Adidas uniforms, they were so tight and so thick. I felt like when I was throwing the ball (that) I couldn't get on top of the ball and get up over it. These are a lot more loose." – Senior quarterback Brad Thiltgen on the Bulldogs' new uniforms.

Horizon Christian Academy

"I may be the winningest coach, but if you look over to the side there, I've got a lot of losses there, too." – Head coach Charles Wiggins on his status as the winningest head coach in Forsyth County history.

"We can practice a little bit longer now, not have a time when we have to get off the field. Lucky us." – Senior linebacker/offensive lineman Jake Walker on the benefits of the Warriors' new home field.

North Forsyth

"My hope is, in hindsight, you look back at how close they were to achieving some of those goals in 2016, you hope that burns a little fire within them to achieve those things (and) allow us to take one step more." – Head coach Robert Craft on the team's motivation to reach the state playoffs.

"I know that we as a program have never beat them, and I see that as a challenge" – Senior tight end Clayton Bardall on facing Lambert.

Pinecrest Academy

"If you see a guy standing around, it's because I told him to get some water." – Head coach Terance Mathis on his practice style.

"I feel like we're practicing on a higher level than we used to. We're not practicing high school ball. I feel like we're practicing something bigger. But at the same time, it just feels like football, the same game." – Senior running back Brooks Binkley on the feeling of having multiple former NFL players as coaches.

South Forsyth

"The guys have been pumped to play this game all summer. We've been breaking it down on beat Roswell throughout the whole summer." – Senior tailback Jared Honey on the War Eagles' place in the Corky Kell Classic.

"Japan, Mexico – it wasn't Tennessee or Georgia." – Head coach Jeff Arnette trying to figure out where junior safety Landon Sims was playing baseball last summer.

West Forsyth

"We think that with that experience and with that level of competitiveness, coming from Gwinnett, where those kind of teams traditionally have state playoff teams and go further in the playoffs, we're all really excited to see what they have to bring." – Senior receiver/kicker Bryce Jones on the experience and background of Wolverines first-year head coach Shawn Cahill.

"There's so much more that goes into it than just the X's and the O's. From April to now, I've probably spent three times as much time on things outside of the X's and O's than this part." – Cahill on the workload of being a head coach.