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Softball: Area players, coaches named to all-region team
Bailey McCachren
Forsyth Central senior Bailey McCachren was voted Region 5-7A Pitcher of the Year. - photo by David Roberts

North Forsyth successfully defended its Region 5-7A championship earlier this month and is headed to its first Elite 8 since 2006. North Forsyth's Ashleigh Grace was named Player of the Year, while Mallorie Black was named Offensive Player of the Year and Jim Cahill split Co-Coach of the Year with South Forsyth head coach Leanne Brooks. Forsyth Central's Bailey McCachren was named Pitcher of the Year and West Forsyth's Grace Mangan was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Co-coaches of the Year: Jim Cahill, North Forsyth; Leanne Brooks, South Forsyth

Player of the Year: Ashleigh Grace, North Forsyth

Pitcher of the Year: Bailey McCachren, Forsyth Central

Offensive Player of the Year: Mallorie Black, North Forsyth

Defensive Player of the Year: Grace Mangan, West Forsyth

*Denmark competes in Region 7-4A and had the following players named first-team all-region: Morgan Kilmer, Jessie DeNardo, Taylor Gajdik, Kiersten Bell. Emily Armstrong, Kayla Smith and Ellery Campbell were named to the second team.

First team:

Infield - Isabel Hui, South Forsyth

Infield - Riley Krueger, Milton

Infield - Carly McSween, Milton

Infield - Brooke Miller, Lambert

Infield - Sydney Moroney, Forsyth Central

Outfield - McKayla Cothran, North Forsyth

Outfield - Lindsey Nelson, Lambert

Outfield - Adaline Nix, North Forsyth

Catcher - Caraline Bryant, Forsyth Central

Pitcher - Hannah Marchman, South Forsyth

Pitcher - Kyleigh Sanders, North Forsyth

Pitcher - Kiley Perry, Milton

Utility - Hailey Mize, North Forsyth

Designated Player - Makenna Segal, South Forsyth

Second team:

Infield - Parker Holcombe, Milton

Infield - Abby Martin, North Forsyth

Infield - Allie Sewell, Lambert

Infield - Lauren Wall, Forsyth Central

Outfield - Kennedy Ariail, South Forsyth

Outfield - Haydn Bendall, Milton

Outfield - Emily Brown, West Forsyth

Outfield - Ansley Clark, Forsyth Central

Catcher - Anna Jackson, Lambert

Pitcher - Courtney Sauer, Lambert

Honorable mention:

Utility - Kristi Brower, Forsyth Central

Outfield - Mattie Smith, Forsyth Central 

Pitcher - Kristen Cowart, Lambert

Outfield - Ansley Hyde, Lambert

Infield - Kaley Varner, Lambert

Utility - Victoria O'Keefe, Milton

Utility - Lauren Fields, North Forsyth

Infield - Maggie McBrayer, North Forsyth

Utility - Ruthie Allen, South Forsyth

Utility - Katie Traynor, South Forsyth

Catcher - Jenna Harris, West Forsyth

Infield - Ryley Kutter, West Forsyth

Pitcher - Maria Luce, West Forsyth

Catcher - Abigail Telesco, West Forsyth

Utility - Abby Williams, West Forsyth

All-Academic Team: 

Kristi Brower, Forsyth Central, 4.04

Emma Lynch, Forsyth Central, 3.82

Kendall Maynard, Forsyth Central, 3.86

Bailey McCachren, Forsyth Central, 4.28

Sydney Moroney, Forsyth Central, 4.19

Maddie Odom, Forsyth Central, 4.43

Emma Ohrstrom, Forsyth Central, 3.86

Kara Saunders, Forsyth Central, 3.93

Mattie Smith, Forsyth Central, 4.14

Ashley Chu, South Forsyth, 4.13

Isabel Hui, South Forsyth, 4.18

Katie Jenkins, South Forsyth,  3.88

Drew Necaise, South Forsyth, 4.00

Makenna Segal, South Forsyth, 4.07

Chloe Traynor, South Forsyth, 3.94

Katie Traynor, South Forsyth, 3.93

Emma Britton, West Forsyth, 4.00

Olivia Finnamore, West Forsyth, 4.00

Jenna Harris, West Forsyth, 4.19

Olivia Matlack, West Forsyth, 3.86

Lexi Borek, Milton, 4.00

Grace Haberman, Milton, 4.00

Kaitlyn Lopes, Milton, 4.00

Victoria O'Keefe, Milton, 4.00

Kiley Perry, Milton, 4.00

Olivia Stefl, Milton, 4.00

Anslee Anderson, North Forsyth, 3.90

Mallorie Black, North Forsyth, 3.90

Lauren Fields, North Forsyth, 4.10

Ashleigh Grace, North Forsyth, 3.80

Ali Jones, North Forsyth, 4.00

Katie Sarfaty, North Forsyth, 3.90

Victoria Harper, Lambert, 4.14

Ansley Hyde, Lambert, 4.05

Anna Jackson, Lambert, 4.27

Lindsey Nelson, Lambert, 3.95

Riley Rollings, Lambert, 4.31

Allie Sewell, Lambert, 3.90

Colleen Thorson, Lambert, 4.00

Madison Todd, Lambert, 3.85

Kaley Varner, Lambert, 4.10

Sydney Waler, Lambert, 4.29