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Softball: Coaches announce All-Region 6-7A teams; North, South split special awards

Region coaches named the All-Region 6-7A softball teams, as well as the top position players and pitchers from the 2020 season.

Player of the Year: Ashleigh Grace, North Forsyth

Offensive Player of the Year: Makenna Segal, South Forsyth

Co-Pitchers of the Year: Hannah Marchman, South Forsyth; Olivia Tyson, North Forsyth


Madison Todd, Lambert

Hannah Cole, Lambert

Olivia Finamore, West Forsyth

Abby Williams, West Forsyth

Grace Mangan, West Forsyth

Abby Castleberry, North Forsyth

Lauren Fields, North Forsyth

Adaline Nix, North Forsyth

McKayla Cothran, North Forsyth

Maggie McBrayer, North Forsyth

Hailey Mize, North Forsyth

Ruthie Allen, South Forsyth

Emme Souter, South Forsyth

Ansley Chiang, South Forsyth

Josie Crossman, South Forsyth

Jessie DeNardo, Denmark

Jordan Williams, Denmark


Hannah Cornetto, Lambert

Courtney Sauer, Lambert

Kirsten Cowart, Lambert

Caroline Hayes, West Forsyth

Emily Brown, West Forsyth

Katie Traynor, South Forsyth

Audrey Hui, South Forsyth

Ashley Chu, South Forsyth

Avery Callaway, Denmark

Madison Keel, Gainesville

Kylie McTier, Forsyth Central

Taylor Jackson, Forsyth Central

Lindleigh Cole, West Forsyth


Colleen Thorson, Lambert

Emma Britten, West Forsyth

Emily Hutcheson, North Forsyth

Katie Jenkins, South Forsyth

Mary Kate Leonard, Denmark

Abby Cox, Forsyth Central

Emily Caron, Forsyth Central

Reagan Bump, Forsyth Central

Hannah Miller, Gainesville


Forsyth Central 

Maddie Odum 4.13

Mary Beth Lowe 4.07

Emma Lynch 3.87


Jessie DeNardo 4.07

Pressley Gilbertson 4.0

Kayla Smith 3.96

Taylor Gajdik 3.86

Caroline Paris 3.86


Mirian Chavez 3.9

Grace Portillo 3.9

Barbara Arredondo 3.89 

Hannah Miller 3.84 

Madison Keel 3.85


Srinidhi Prasad 4.12

Anna Pazdzior 4.06

Colleen Thorson 4.04

Katelyn Boyette 4.0

Keeley Casalou 4.0

Elizabeth Harper 4.0

Courtney Sauer 4.0 

Amelia Burke 3.9

Madison Todd 3.85

Sydney Chung 3.8

North Forsyth

Lauren Fields 4.14

Ali Jones 4.07

Ashleigh Grace 4.04

Abby Castleberry 4.0

Emily Hutcheson 4.0

Alexis Monroe 4.0

South Forsyth

Ashley Chu 4.27

Ansley Chiang 4.14

Makenna Segal 4.14

Audrey Hui 4.13

Chloe Traynor 4.0

Katie Jenkins 3.95 

Charlotte Brooks 3.86 

Katie Traynor 3.86

West Forsyth

Emma Britten 4.14

Lindleigh Cole 4.14

Olivia Finamore 4.09

Olivia Matlack 4.08

Ashlyn Stahl 4.0

Breanna Whitlow 4.0

Abby Williams 4.0

Marisa Carter 3.92

Hannah Holcomb 3.82