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GIRLS LACROSSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Madison Mueller, South Forsyth
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South Forsyth's Madison Mueller is the 2015 Forsyth County News Girls Lacrosse Player of the Year. - photo by Micah Green

In 18 games in her junior season, South Forsyth attacker Madison Mueller scored 96 goals.

Though when she tells of that number, she does so without a boastful inflection.

“Just with way we moved the ball, and with fastbreaks, that’s how I got so many,” Mueller, who also goes by ‘Moose,’ said. “The thing is there are so many girls with the same skills as me. It’s not all about that. It’s not like South won every game last year. There’s always room to improve.”

Mueller will take her 5.3 goals-per-game average to West Forsyth next season after playing with South for the previous few seasons under the leadership of assistant coach Mary Williams. Mueller and Williams had a close bond, but with Williams taking a job in China, Mueller figured she’d finally join the team in her back yard.

“It’s a big change,” Mueller said. “It was a very fast decision. It was difficult to actually decide on since I’ve been on this team for three years and captain for two. But coach (Williams) was the main reason I stayed at South this year, even though I already lived in West district, but after she left it just felt right.”

Mueller’s potent scoring ability makes her a perfect fit for West, which said goodbye to six all-county seniors this past season.

“Moose is really in her own league,” West coach John Thompson said.

Mueller joins the Wolverines with bonds already in place: she’s built a close friendship with West attack Sarah Grady, a rising senior as well. The two have played on the LB3 girls Atlanta travel team together. Mueller says the chemistry with her new teammates already exists. The LB3 lacrosse clubs bring in elite talent from regional areas, with the Atlanta team hosting girls from the metro Atlanta area and a few from neighboring states.

“Honestly, LB3 is where I’ve built up most of my skills,” Mueller said.

Question: How do you go about scoring 96 goals in one season?

Mueller: “I think it’s about having passion and confidence. There are games where I get so fired up. During the Centennial game I had 11 goals. Just playing in pressure situations and trusting myself in those situations, I got better, compared to freshman year where I didn’t do anything.”

Question: How’d you get the nickname Moose?

Mueller: “My Dad watched this show with a character named Maddie the Moose growing up. When I got into sports there were too many Madisons anyway, so he had to call me something else and it just stuck.”

Question: What are your future goals?

Mueller: “I want to be in film production and media production, and that’s hard to find in terms of a place to play lacrosse and have that program.”

Question: What schools are you looking at?

Mueller: “I really like Long Island University, along with Bryant University.”

Question: What are your hobbies outside of lacrosse?

Mueller: “Movies and music really. I like action moves and alternative rock.”