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Lego my Dunkin': 11-year-old's replica of a local store nets him free doughnuts for a year
01292023 DUNKIN 1.jpg
Mason Christiansen is surrounded by friends and family as Dunkin’ representative Emilly Traylor hands him a giant $1,000 gift card, announcing his gift of free doughnuts for a year. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

Mason Christiansen surprised a local Dunkin’ franchisee and his team one day last month with a gift they never expected — a replica of their store made from Lego bricks.

The 11-year-old boy from Forsyth County free-built the model himself using only photos of the Dunkin’ on Old Atlanta Road as a guide to recreate even the small details found both inside and outside of the store.

Franchisee Stephen Attard was amazed by Mason’s creativity and immediately shared his creation with the company’s corporate team where the model received just as much praise.

“We thought we have to share this with everyone,” said Emilly Traylor, a member of Dunkin’s marketing team. “This is absolutely amazing. We can’t believe that an 11-year-old created something like that with it so detailed.”

The team invited Mason to the local Dunkin’ on Thursday, Jan. 26, for a surprise celebration filled with Legos, decorations and enough doughnuts to go around.

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01292023 DUNKIN 6.jpg
Mason Christiansen’s model of the Dunkin’ on Old Atlanta Road in Forsyth County. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

The young builder was shocked to find his family and friends waiting for him next to his Lego replica displayed on the counter.

“You just thought you were coming here for doughnuts, right?” Dunkin’ Field Marketing Manager Katie Gaston asked Mason as he walked in.

But the celebration was not the only surprise the Dunkin’ team had in store.

Traylor presented Mason with a certificate for free Dunkin’ doughnuts for a year and a $500 gift card to his favorite place to buy Legos — Bricks & Minifigs in Johns Creek.

“I didn’t know about any of this,” Mason said, shocked by the gifts.

But he is more than excited to use the money to buy Legos for his next build and get some of his favorite doughnuts, Boston cream and strawberry frosted with sprinkles on top.

01292023 DUNKIN 3.jpg
Mason Christiansen holds up his gifts from Dunkin’ while standing in the store location that he free-built a model of using Lego bricks. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

Mason’s dad, Dan, said Mason has loved playing with Legos since he was little and has built many Lego sets along with his own creations like a “Star Wars” city displayed in his bedroom — one of his favorite builds.

“I have a whole room filled with Lego sets and creations that I just made,” Mason said.

He has even spent time building at Brick & Minifigs with owner Chris Loomis.

“Mason is amazing. Just look at that and remember he is only 11,” Loomis said, pointing to the replica.

Mason passes by the store every day on his way to school. One day he started drawing the colorful building and decided to build it with Legos, working on the exterior before moving to the smaller details inside.

“We came here and took pictures of the outside and the inside, and some of the employees were able to take pictures in the back for us so he would know what each room looked like to build it out,” Dan said.

01292023 DUNKIN 5.jpg
The inside of Mason Christiansen’s Lego model includes small details found in the Dunkin’ in south Forsyth, including in rooms only open to employees. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

Mason uploaded the photos to his laptop and immediately started incorporating more details into his build, adding each of their ice cream offerings, the team members and even pots that pull out of the small replica coffee machines.

It took him about a month and a half, and he surprised the team at Dunkin’ with it at the end of last month.

Mason said he is already on to his next project.

“I’m building the Bricks & Minifigs store in Legos right now,” Mason said. “[Loomis] is providing the pieces for it, and I have it in my room and am just putting different pieces on it every single day.”