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$25,000 in cellphones stolen from local retailer
Cell Phone Burglary

Authorities searching for a suspect or suspects they say are responsible for burglarizing a north Forsyth cellphone store and stealing $25,763 in new Apple and Android cellphones. 

A Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report states that on May 16, Forsyth County authorities responded to a Verizon Wireless store at 3480 Keith Bridge Road in northeast Forsyth and found that the business had been burglarized overnight and more than 30 phones had been stolen.

The report states that a store manager arrived at work that morning and found that a keypad had been removed from the store safe, appearing to have been pulled from the front of the unit.

The report also stated that three different ceiling panels in the store had been moved, “looking like someone had entered through the ceiling.”

“The roof of the building was checked with assistance from the Fire Department Tiller 1, allowing us use of the ladder to access the roof and see that there was no disturbance,” the report said. “The only other obvious changer inside the building was that the bar that locks the back door in place was removed and left on the floor, and the back door was left open.”

According to the report, the store has video surveillance cameras, but the recordings were not available at the time of the incident.

Cpl. Doug Rainwater, spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said that they do not have any suspects in the heist and they do not believe anyone made a forced entry into the building.

“Persons unknown entered the building and the place where the phones were kept without force,” Rainwater said. “This was not a smash and grab, this was not a simple burglary by any means. Whoever carried this out had a plan.”

Rainwater said that no alarms were triggered in the incident, and the crime wasn’t discovered until the morning.