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This Forsyth County teen used cereal to help a local charity
Hannah Testa 1 082119 web
West Forsyth High School student Hannah Testa, left, delivered 60 boxes of Kashi cereal to the MSG Foundation. (Photo for the Forsyth County News)

When Forsyth County teen Hannah Testa learned that local hunger and homelessness charity, the MSG Foundation, had a need that wasn’t being filled by donations from the community, she immediately knew how to help.

Testa, a junior at West Forsyth High School and founder of Hannah4Change, learned that while the MSG regularly provides bread, canned vegetables, pasta, produce and other food items to the Forsyth County community, one thing the charity rarely receives and is always looking for is breakfast cereal.

As a longtime partner of the Kashi brands and member of the Kashi Kids Crew, a press release states that Testa approached the food company earlier this year to see if they would donate a selection of the Kashi by Kids cereal to the MSG Foundation.

“I have loved working with Kashi and other young Gen Z leaders to co-create three organic cereals and healthy snacks,” Testa stated in the release. “I was able to receive cereal from Kashi to support this worthy cause right here in my own community.”

And on Saturday, Aug. 17, Testa hand-delivered 60 boxes of cereal to the hunger and homelessness charity during a gathering to sort, package and distribute food at Otwell Middle School.

The release states that the MSG Foundation’s founders Marcus and Sharon Gunter were thrilled at the donation and because the foundation feeds nearly 60 families, including 150 children each week, every bit of support helps them towards their goal of delivering food to families that need it most.

The release states that anyone who would like to donate their time or food to help alleviate poverty in Forsyth County can find out more be visiting