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New elementary school renamed Kelly Mill
School councils got final say
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Forsyth County News
Just call it Kelly Mill. That’s the new name of Elementary School No. 12, formerly known as Mountain View.

The Forsyth County school board voted Thursday night to rename the facility, which is set to open in 2011 off Kelly Mill Road.

“We worked with the Forsyth County Historical Society,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, district spokeswoman. “We also put it up for feedback from the community and our staff members and we got 114 online recommendations.”

Between the society and online feedback, Caracciolo said the top three results were Kelly Mill, Chamblee Gap and a combination of the two.

Local school councils from Cumming, Sawnee and Vickery Creek elementary schools, which all will lose some students to the new school, got the final vote on the name.

Kelly Mill received more than 75 percent of the tally, Caracciolo said.

The board had agreed on Mountain View last fall after it prevailed in a county survey. Kelly Mill came in second.

But during a meeting last month, the board voted to rename the school through a new naming process which would more strongly involve the local school councils.

In addition, board members worried that Mountain View had no historical value to that area.

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