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Public input continuing on plan for future of Forsyth
Foster Forsyth

FORSYTH COUNTY -- Forsyth County is once again looking for public input on Foster Forsyth, the update of the county’s comprehensive plan.

Foster Forsyth will host implementation workshops starting at 6 p.m. Monday at the Forsyth County administration building and Wednesday at the banquet room in Central Park’s recreation center.

The county’s comprehensive plan is supposed to guide future land use, economic development and generally what the county will look like in upcoming years and is being updated to include what residents want for those aspects.

These upcoming meetings mark the next step in the process after officials held visioning workshops.

During those meetings, discussions were held on different character areas of the county, which will continue to be a focus next week.

“The main components of the upcoming workshops for next week are redefining the vision for the county in terms of the character areas,” said Vanessa Bernstein-Goldman, the county’s deputy director for planning and community development. “The last round of workshops really focused on character areas, so this is for digesting some of that feedback and asking workshop participants for further outlook.”

The meeting, like others, will also look into the types of development and future outlook for the county.

“The second half of the meeting is really focused on priorities for different elements of the plan, and that includes economic development, housing and transportation,” Bernstein-Goldman said.

Forsyth County is working on the update with Jacobs Engineering and Kimley-Horn and Associates.

“Once these workshops are completed next week, then the consultant team will continue to go through the feedback they have received from workshops and online feedback,” Bernstein-Goldman said. “Then they will be creating a draft plan.”

In August, citizens will be able to attend open houses to review the plan before any public hearings.

County commissioners are expected to take action on the plan in December.

More information on the update process can be found online at