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Forsyth County Schools raises salaries for bus drivers, monitors amidst labor shortage
School bus

Forsyth County Schools announced Monday that all of their bus drivers and monitors will receive a salary increase beginning on Oct. 1.

The announcement, posted to the district’s website, states that beginning bus drivers could move up from their current offered salary of $16.61 per hour to $17.84, a 6.9% increase. On the other hand, more experienced drivers could make up to $27.99, up from the usual salary topping out at $23.97.

Bus monitors could also see a 5.3% increase, moving up from $14.24 per hour to $15.

The announcement of the raise comes in light of a recent shortage of bus drivers in the county and across the nation. With the rising threat of the pandemic and an increase in job openings, many industries have experienced similar shortages for lower-paying jobs in recent months.

According to the statement, FCS is currently 75 bus drivers short, which forced other transportation staff to pick up the slack and fill in on daily bus routes. The shortage has also caused frequent delays on some bus routes, and other routes have had to be combined to ensure the district can provide transportation for all FCS families.

“FCS, the largest employer in Forsyth County, is making this adjustment to be more competitive in the job market for the recruitment and retention of employees,” the statement reads.

In addition to the salary increases, bus drivers and monitors receive several benefits. These include:

●     Training

●     Full-time benefits

●     Paid sick leave

●     Holidays and weekends off

●     Summer vacation (with a paycheck)

●     College opportunities for employee children

●     Reduced rates for after-school childcare

Looking forward to the planning for the 2022-23 school year’s operational budget, it also states FCS leaders will reevaluate other positions among staff to be more competitive in the job market.

To apply for a bus driver or monitor position, visit