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Forsyth County’s Class of 2020 surpasses state, national SAT scores

Forsyth County public-school students again surpassed their peers on the state and national level on the SAT, officials said.

According to Forsyth County Schools, the mean SAT score for local students in the Class of 2020 was 1161, which was 118 points above the state (1043) and 131 points above the nation (1030).

In addition, each of the county’s high schools performed higher than the mean state and national scores.

“Our students continue to excel as well-rounded global citizens and I couldn’t be prouder, especially for the class of 2020 and the challenges they faced this year,” Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Bearden said in a statement. “The support of our teachers and staff, families, and community members make all the difference to the academic and social-emotional success of our students.”

The Class of 2020 at Lambert High School had the highest mean SAT score in the county, at 1226, followed by South Forsyth (1202), Denmark (1175), West Forsyth (1135), Forsyth Central (1105) and North Forsyth (1102).

Lambert (+14), South Forsyth (+15) and West Forsyth (+6) saw their SAT scores increase compared to 2019, while the mean score decreased at Forsyth Central (-15) and North Forsyth (-16). This is the first year that Denmark’s performance was included after the school opened in 2018.

The school district’s overall performance dropped just one point from 2019, better than decreases experienced in the state (five points) and country (nine points).

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