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‘Get low and go:’ Kindergartners learn about fire safety through simulator
fire safety
Kindergartners at Cumming Elementary School learned about fire safety from members of the Forsyth County Fire Department on Friday, Sept. 16.

As two kindergarten classes began to make their way to their school’s bus parking lot, excited gasps escaped from the 5-year-olds as they pointed at a large, red vehicle and said, “Whoa! That fire truck is huge!”

The Forsyth County Fire Department was up bright and early on the morning of Friday, Sept. 16, to teach Cumming Elementary School students about fire safety, bringing along their kid-famous Fire K-9 Hallie.

Through the program, kids were able to enter a simulator on wheels – a trailer that had a replica kitchen and bedroom with the ability to create fake smoke and make doorknobs hot.

After learning how to “get low and go” in the case of a fire, children were able to follow Hallie out of the trailer, crawling under simulated smoke.

Outside, the students chatted with firefighters and learn about Engine 1, which can hold 610 gallons of water, has different hoses and carries equipment to fix peoples’ “boo-boos.”

“Smoke and fire are scary, and we’ve got to have a plan for it,” said Wes McCall, chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Education. “Being able to talk about it and demonstrate it is the best way to do it.”

According to McCall, the school district’s partnership with the fire department is among one of the “most vital” collaborations.

“I think that [fire safety programs] are very important to have and have these kids come in here and see this, they go home and they tell their parents,” McCall said. “So, now it’s making their parents accountable. [Our partnership with the fire department] is vital to make sure that our community is safe.”

Check out some photos from the program below. 

fire safety
Kids are taught to "get low and go" in the event of a fire, which means they need to crawl low to avoid smoke and move quickly and confidently to a safe meeting place outside.
fire safety
Kids use the backs of their hands to test if the doorknob is hot, which could indicate that a fire is behind a door.
fire safety
Hallie the Fire K-9 takes a break before demonstrating to students how to "get low and go" in the event of a fire.
fire safety
Firefighters show off a Hurst Jaws of Life tool that can cut through car doors to save people.
fire safety
Kindergarten classes are able to walk through a firefighting apparatus.
fire safety
A firefighter and Kindergarten student show off their cool outfits to some classes, demonstrating what firefighters look like when they are all suited up.