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Lambert High School closes to students for two weeks after rise in COVID-19 cases

Lambert High School leaders announced that the school is closing for two weeks, and all students, except those in self-contained special education classes, will be moved to virtual learning starting Wednesday, Oct. 28.

The closure comes in light of increased numbers of active COVID-19 cases among students and staff at the school, reaching nine active cases last week and another 16 cases in just the past two days.

According to a letter that Lambert Principal Dr. Gary Davison sent out to parents, the school will reopen to students in two weeks on Wednesday, Nov. 11. Teachers and staff will continue to work on campus as normal.

Davison said in the letter that parents and guardians should still continue to contact the school’s nurse if their student tests positive for COVID-19, especially as it may impact the school’s reopening for face-to-face learning.

Student extra-curriculars will still continue on campus even as the school is closed “so long as the activity/athletic is not experiencing an outbreak.” 

For now, Davison asked that guests outside of family members and participating athletes, cheerleaders and band members do not attend athletic practices or events.

Davison wrote that anyone still attending these events are “expected” to take their temperatures before leaving home, wear masks, practice social distancing and stay home if they are feeling sick. He also called on all students and their families to practice COVID-19 safety measures in public.

The first day of all students going into virtual schooling will be a “catch-up” day, according to the letter. New learning material will begin on Thursday.

Visit Lambert High School’s website for more information.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Lambert High School would be opening back to students on Tuesday, Nov. 10. FCS Spokesperson Jennifer Caracciolo clarified that the school will actually open back to students one day later on Wednesday, Nov. 11.