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Test results for 2021-22 Milestones show Forsyth County Schools above state average
Ben Mullins, Unsplash

Forsyth County’s students showed improvement on almost all of the 2021-22 Georgia Milestones assessment results released last week, maintaining a significant lead over state averages.

Educators across the county and state have been working closely with students on academics over the past year to make up for learning that students lost during the pandemic while schools were closed or students were in quarantine.

Milestones tests were not given to students in spring 2020, and the state relaxed testing requirements in spring 2021. When results were released last year, students’ scores in Forsyth County dropped between 4%-26% while still staying above state averages.

Along with a drop in scores, testing participation dropped significantly to 55%-79% compared to the 99% or above the district was used to before the pandemic.

But this year’s Georgia Milestones results, which include end-of-grade, or EOG, and end-of-course, or EOC, assessments for grades 3-12, show that students could be making strides toward recovering from learning loss caused by the pandemic.

“Georgia's teachers, students, and the rest of our public education family have worked hard to get learning back on track following the disruption of the pandemic," State School Superintendent Richard Woods said.

“From offering expanded summer and afterschool programs to the efforts of dedicated Academic Recovery Specialists, the state, districts, and local schools have been laser-focused on addressing the impact of lost learning opportunities. These results show those efforts are paying off.”

While results have improved, scores in Forsyth County and across the state have not increased back to pre-pandemic levels. State education officials restated that this year’s Milestones results should not be compared to scores from previous years without the context of the pandemic.

Overall this year, the scores of Forsyth County students increased nearly across the board, and participation increased significantly in all subjects.

The district saw the most significant increases in EOG scores for math, with a more than 15% increase in scores from eighth-grade students, and in EOC scores for American literature, which showed a 25% increase from last year.

English/language arts was the only EOG subject where Forsyth County saw a slight decrease in scores from last year in all grades assessed. Despite the drop in scores, Forsyth County’s students still scored well above state averages.

Overall, Forsyth County continued to surpass state averages in every subject.


By the numbers

The following data reflects the percentage of students in Forsyth County who scored at or above reading level for their grade for the reading category and the percentage of students who scored as a proficient learner or better in every other subject.

Proficient learners, one of four learner categories, are students who “are prepared for the next grade level or course and are on track for college and career readiness,” according to the Georgia Department of Education.

State averages are in parenthesis next to county numbers for comparison.



Third grade: 82.1% (63.8%)  

Fifth grade: 87.2% (69.7%)

Eighth grade: 82% (70.2%)


English/Language Arts

Third grade: 58.8% (36.4%)

Fifth grade: 65.8% (41.5%)

Eighth grade: 59.2% (40.5%)



Third grade: 70% (43%)

Fifth grade: 69.4% (36.9%)

Eighth grade: 65.7% (36.2%)


American Literature

High school: 69.1% (42%)


Algebra I

High school: 62.7% (37.4%)



High school: 71.8% (46.2%)


U.S. History

High school: 57.5% (38.9%)