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Commissioners award bid for dog park in north Forsyth
Photo by Heloisa Nass on Unsplash

A new north Forsyth park will be a benefit to both dog lovers and their furry friends.

Forsyth County Commissioners awarded a bid on Tuesday worth $850,760 to Zaveri Enterprises for construction of a new dog park across from the Forsyth County Animal Shelter on County Way off Ga. 400.

“I get asked constantly about it,” said District 4 Commissioner Cindy Mills. “I’ve been asked more about this than I have about just about anything.”

Construction of the park is expected to be completed within 180 days, once construction documents are approved.

The park will include a synthetic turf surface, sunshades and several amenities for dogs to play with.

In addition to a space for dogs, county officials said they hope the park increases adoptions from the shelter.

“While they might not be coming to the animal shelter, they’re going to be right beside it,” said Deputy County manager Tim Merritt. “You won’t hear any more of this, ‘We didn’t know that they had a shelter.’”

Previously, the county had considered allowing visitors to use the restroom at the animal shelter, which was reportedly dropped due to concerns of spreading diseases from the dogs at the park to the shelter.

Instead, a modular restroom facility, similar to those used at Chattahoochee Pointe Park, will be brought in.

“The master plan has been designed to ultimately put a restroom there, so we do have the water stuff out and sewer stuff out and, I believe, the electric stuff out already available,” Merritt said. “We will have a concrete walkway to this area where the restroom is dropped in, so essentially, we’re talking about buying this modular restroom, having it dropped in and connected to utilities.”