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Forsyth County OKs 60-home development near Lake Lanier
The ascent at lake lanier
Commissioners recently approved a sketch play for The Ascent at Lake Lanier, which will feature 60 homes, walking trails, a wellness center and other amenities.

A 60-unit development on Shady Grove Road has been approved amid traffic concerns from neighbors.

At a recent meeting, Forsyth County Commissioners approved a sketch plat for 6090 Shady Grove, LLC for The Ascent at Lake Lanier, which will have 60 residences on 57 acres on both sides of Shady Grove.

Developers said The Ascent would have a focus on wellness, including walking trails, a wellness center, space for yoga and other classes. All homes will face toward a central green area, and the neighborhood will include a dock with up to 13 slips on Young Deer Creek.

“I get to work on a lot of different plans kind of over the southeast, but I only get to work on a few of them that are really cool and that kind of the focus of them is to ask us to do it in a pure pedestrian, walkable fashion,” said Kenneth Woods, an engineer for the project.

The development will be located south of the intersection with Cagle Drive and will be on both sides of Shady Grove. 

The meeting brought out several nearby residents who voiced concerns with the project.

While many said they were generally supportive of the development, many of the speakers had concerns that the new homes would increase traffic and that there should be some type of traffic control. Shady Grove Road is already prone to closing when there is a serious accident, they said, meaning drivers could not leave or make it home.

“It is a peninsula – basically one road in, one road out – and if there’s any problem on the road, we have serious issues,” said resident Steve Schmidt. “That is my concern, and I’m not sure it’s being addressed correctly.”

Woods said plans had already changed to put the entrance of the neighborhood along the road’s straightaway to improve visibility.

“We actually did, on an early site plan, we had the entrance moved further up the road, then on the most recent revision, the entrance was pulled down to go further down into the straightaway,” he said. “We’ve looked at the sight distance, but for some reason working with the transportation [department], we have the ability to shift it down even further.”

Chairwoman Laura Semanson said the approved neighborhood was much less dense than what had previously been approved for the area and that the land’s zoning district – Lake Residential – was no longer available.

“This property was actually zoned a very, very long time ago,” Semanson said. “Lake Res is a category that we don’t even have available to apply for now, and when the original zoning was done, it actually would have afforded them up to 97 lots on this property.”

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