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Forsyth County residents work to combat climate change, hope to see membership grow

Members of the Forsyth County chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby are supporting the updated stance the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has voiced on climate change. The Forsyth County chapter of CCL has been active since 2017.

“Our members are very excited with this announcement [from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce],” said Ken Kirby, a Forsyth County CCL member. “We look forward to the steady shift in awareness and attitudes regarding the impact of and solutions that exist around climate change.”

The Forsyth County chapter of CCL is one of over 600 chapters across the nation and the world. The group works at a grassroots level with elected representatives and local residents to educate them about climate change.

“We want to talk to people who haven’t heard of [climate change] or are skeptical but have the same core values which are [that] we care about the future,” said Terry Welsher, member of CCL. “I think everybody -- whether they’re a Republican, a Democrat or independent -- everybody has passion for that, although it doesn’t get talked about very much. We all really care about what happens to our grandchildren and our community in general.”

The local group works with residents of all political backgrounds to hear their thoughts about climate change.

“We’re building networks [in Forsyth County] to hopefully speak up and lead our citizens to express their feelings about getting this problem taken care of,” said Emily Kaminski, member of CCL.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is working in Forsyth County to grow its population of members. Kaminski said it’s very important for the group to be welcoming to everyone that is curious, confused or skeptical about climate change.

The Forsyth County chapter of CCL meets virtually every third Monday of each month through a Zoom link. To learn more about the group or get involved in Forsyth’s local chapter, email

The group is currently working to gather endorsements from members of Congress on H.R. 763: The Bipartisan Climate Change Solution.

The bill proposes a carbon fee and dividend that puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. The fee grows over time to help drive down carbon pollution, hoping energy companies, industries and consumers will switch to cleaner and cheaper options.